HVAC Fan Selection

Most often, the service determines the type of fan to use. When operation occurs with little or no resistance, and particularly when no duct system is required, the propeller fan is commonly used because of its simplicity and economy in operation. When a duct system is involved, a centrifugal or axial type of fan is usually employed. In general, centrifugal and axial fans are comparable with respect to sound effect, but the axial fans are somewhat lighter and require considerably less space. The following information is usually required for proper fan selection:

? Capacity requirement in cubic feet per minute
? Static pressure or system resistance
? Type of application or service
? Mounting arrangement of system
? Sound level or use of space to be served
? Nature of load and available drive

The various fan manufacturers generally supply tables or characteristic curves that ordinarily show a wide range of operating particulars for each fan size. The tabulated data usually include static pressure, outlet velocity, revolutions per minute, brake horsepower, tip or peripheral speed, and so on.

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