Thermo King – Liquid Leak Check Solutions

Leak check solutions are generally acceptable in areas that are easily reached or where the air is saturated with refrigerant.
However, several factors determine how well a solution will work.

A good solution should:
• be bubble free
• have a high surface tension
• adhere to and not break away from the joint
• work for several minutes without evaporating
• be commercially made for leak detection.

Leak Characteristics
• Multiple leaks may exist. Leak check beyond the first leak.
• Component or line temperature may determine leak or leak size. Leak test before and after running the unit.
• Circulating refrigerant oil may temporarily plug leaks on a unit that is operated. When possible, leak check before running the unit.

Leak Testing Recommendations
• Observe lines and components for an oil and dirt accumulation indicating leak location.
• Apply liquid bubble solution with soft brush or low pressure applicator to prevent bubbles from forming.
Allow several minutes to work.
• Blow out confined areas with compressed air to remove refrigerant accumulations.
• In windy conditions, shield the leak area for leak testing.

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