New E-Tech M Electric Heater From ACV UK Compliments Low-Carbon Electric Heating Range

ACV UK, a specialist in hot water and heating solutions, has launched a new multifunctional electric heater that offers a flexible and efficient approach to mobile heating. The E-Tech M electric heater is designed to help speed up the screed drying process, as well as to provide backup heating for various commercial and industrial projects.

The E-Tech M electric heater features a plug-in that can work with up to six different sources of power, ranging from 3 to 36 kW, and an automatic power detection system. It uses a 230 V electrical supply and can be easily transported and installed. It also has a built-in 4.3-inch touch screen that allows users to create and save four different screed drying programs for up to 60 days. The data can be exported to a USB stick for reporting purposes.

The E-Tech M electric heater is part of the E-Tech range of electric boilers from ACV UK, which includes wall-hung and floor-standing models that can provide low-carbon heating and hot water for buildings with flue restrictions or limited gas supply. The E-Tech range is suitable for use in a variety of low-carbon projects, as it converts all the electrical energy it consumes into heat, reducing carbon footprint and maintenance costs.


Feature E-Tech M electric heater E-Tech range of electric boilers
Power 3 to 36 kW 9 to 259 kW
Supply 230 V 400 V
Function Mobile heating and screed drying Central heating and hot water
Technology Automatic power detection system Tank-in-Tank technology (E-Tech S)
Control 4.3-inch touch screen Integrated control panel
Data USB exportable Modbus compatible
Efficiency High High
Carbon footprint Low Low
Maintenance Low Low

According to ACV UK, the E-Tech M electric heater and the E-Tech range of electric boilers are reliable and convenient solutions that can help customers achieve quicker, simpler, and more efficient ways of heating. With over 100 years of experience, ACV UK is a brand that customers can trust, as it provides high-quality products and services that support the government’s Net Zero goal.

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