MHIAE Launches New Monobloc A2W Heat Pump Range

MHIAE, a leading provider of air conditioning and heating solutions, has recently introduced the Hydrolution EZY range of air-to-water (A2W) heat pumps for residential applications. The new range is designed to offer a low-carbon, easy-to-install alternative to conventional fossil fuel boilers, delivering heating, cooling, and hot water for the home.

What are A2W heat pumps and how do they work?

A2W heat pumps are devices that use electricity to transfer heat from the outside air to water, which can then be used for space heating or domestic hot water. A2W heat pumps can operate in both heating and cooling modes, by reversing the refrigerant cycle. A2W heat pumps are more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional boilers, as they can produce more heat energy than the electricity they consume, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The following table shows some of the benefits of A2W heat pumps compared to gas boilers:

Benefit A2W heat pump Gas boiler
Energy efficiency Up to 5 times more efficient, as 1 kWh of electricity can produce up to 5 kWh of heat 1 kWh of gas can produce only 0.9 kWh of heat
Carbon emissions Up to 50% lower, as electricity can be generated from renewable sources Higher, as gas is a fossil fuel that releases CO2 when burned
Installation Easier, as only water pipes are required, not gas pipes or flues More complex, as gas pipes and flues are required
Maintenance Lower, as A2W heat pumps have fewer moving parts and do not require annual safety checks Higher, as gas boilers require regular servicing and safety checks
Cost Lower in the long term, as electricity prices are more stable and A2W heat pumps have longer lifespans Higher in the long term, as gas prices are volatile and gas boilers have shorter lifespans

What are the features of the Hydrolution EZY range?

The Hydrolution EZY range is MHIAE’s latest innovation in A2W heat pump technology, offering the following features:

  • Integrated water heat exchanger in the outdoor unit, which eliminates the need for refrigerant piping and simplifies installation
  • R32 refrigerant, which has a lower global warming potential than conventional refrigerants and improves efficiency
  • Output-dependent control and efficient inverter technology, which adjust the heating and cooling output to the demand and reduce energy consumption
  • Enhanced vapor injection and enhanced saturated vapor injection, which enable the heat pump to achieve flow temperatures of up to 149°F/65°C, even at low outside temperatures, making it suitable for both low-temperature and high-temperature heating systems
  • Improved anti-vibration technology, which reduces sound power levels to 60dB (A) in the 10kW class model, and allows for a quiet mode operation
  • Wide operating range, from -25°C to 43°C, which ensures reliable performance in various climates
  • Uplink platform, a dedicated app that allows for real-time performance monitoring, remote control, and maintenance support

The Hydrolution EZY range is available in two models, 10kW and 14kW, and can be combined with a variety of indoor units, such as fan coils, radiators, underfloor heating, or domestic hot water tanks.

How does the Hydrolution EZY range contribute to a carbon-neutral future?

The Hydrolution EZY range is part of MHIAE’s commitment to developing environmentally friendly technologies and products, in line with its parent company MHI Group’s mission to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2040. By replacing fossil fuel boilers with A2W heat pumps, MHIAE aims to help reduce the carbon footprint of residential buildings, which account for a significant share of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. A2W heat pumps are also compatible with renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, which can further enhance their sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

MHIAE is dedicated to building on the advanced technology and vast experience of its parent company to deliver innovative, integrated solutions that will help realize a carbon-neutral world, improve the quality of life, and ensure a safer world.

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