OBIT valve test and operating pressures

As with other pressure valves, it is possible to introduce nitrogen or carbon dioxide in an idle system to check for correct pressure settings.

The usual precautions for working with gases apply here. The standard factory setting for the 0/50 psig range is 30 psi. For the 30/100 psig range, it is 60 psig. Since these valves are adjustable, the setting may be altered to suit the system.

The main purpose of an OBIT valve is to keep the evaporator pressure above some given point at minimum-load conditions. The valves are selected on the basis of the pressure drop at full-load conditions. Nevertheless, they should be adjusted to maintain the minimum allowable evaporator pressure under the actual minimum-load conditions.

These valves can be adjusted by removing the cap and turning the adjustment screw with a hex wrench of the proper size. A clockwise rotation increases the valve setting, while a counterclockwise rotation decreases the setting. To obtain the desired setting, a pressure gage should be utilized on the inlet side of the valve. Thus. the effects of any adjustments can be observed.

When these valves are installed in parallel, each should be adjusted the same amount. If one valve has been adjusted more than the other, the best performance will occur if both are adjusted all the way in before resetting them to an equal amount.

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