Evaporator Pressure-Regulating Valves Location

ORITs must be installed upstream of any other suction-line controls or accessories. These valves may be installed in the position most suited to the application. However, these valves should be located so that they do not act as an oil trap or so that solder cannot run into the internal parts during brazing in the suction line. Since these valves are hermetic, they cannot be disassembled to remove solder trapped in the internal parts. Installation of a filter-drier and a strainer may be worth the expense to keep the system clean and operational. Brazing procedures are the same as for other valves of this type. The valve core of the access valve is shipped in an envelope attached to the access valve. If the access valve connection is to be used as a reusable pressure tap to check the valve setting, the OBIT must be brazed in before the core is installed. This protects the synthetic material of the core. If the access valve is to be used as a permanent pressure tap, the core and access valve cap may be discarded.

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