Testing the Purity of the Refrigerant

Below are the steps for using the refrigerant identifier.

1. Connect the identifier to a power source and let the unit warm up. Some identifiers power up from the vehicle battery and some power up from a 110-volt power cord.
2. Connect the AC hose to the identifier. Be gentle with this hose because it is typically made from a lightweight plastic.
3. After the identifier warms up, it will direct you to connect it to the vehicle’s AC system at the service port. Be sure to turn the valve clockwise to depress the check valve, which will allow refrigerant to pass into the connection.
4. Follow the directions on the display, which will direct you to press a certain button for a couple of seconds. This will allow the tool to take a sample of the refrigerant.
5. The identifier will display the results of the test with the percentages of R134a, air, R12, R22, and hydrocarbons. It is vital to not connect AC equipment to systems that have any mixed substances other than the intended refrigerant and some air. Quality AC machines will remove air that is mixed with the refrigerant.

The refrigerant identifier is a very precise electronic tool that needs to go through a warm-up cycle when it is turned on. The user should wait for this process to finish before connecting it to the

The plastic hose that is used to connect the identifier to the vehicle AC system screws on at the bottom of the tool to a threaded connection. This hose should be handled with care because it is lightweight and fairly

The vehicle end of the connecting hose is a quick-connect coupling that connects to the low side service port. Some identifiers require the connection to be turned clockwise to open the check valve in the service

The refrigerant identifier will let the operator know when to begin the test with instructions on the

To begin the sampling process, the A button needs to be pressed for a couple of seconds. After pressing the button, the operator waits for the process to finish to see the

The test results are displayed on the screen and with colored lights. This vehicle passed because the green light is illuminated and the screen shows 100 percent R134a and 0 percent

The refrigerant identifier provides feedback on the amount of R12, R22, and hydrocarbons during the results stage. Hydrocarbons are very flammable and caution should be followed if the identifier detects

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