Automotive Heating – Hoses and Clamps

The cooling system hoses and clamps perform an important function for the vehicle and require maintenance and service from time to time. The correct replacement parts should be used during the process of installing new hoses on the vehicle. All clamps should be securely installed to ensure that the system will not leak when it is put back into operation.

After removing the old radiator hose, the upper radiator hose is installed by sliding it onto the radiator neck. A small amount of lubricant can be smeared on the inside of the hose to assist with

Pliers are used to install the constant tension hose clamp into place to ensure a tight seal between the hose and the radiator

Firm pressure should be used to slide the hose into the correct position on the

A close inspection should be performed to make sure that the hose clamp is installed correctly to prevent the chance of a coolant leak at that

The thermostat on this engine is located on top of the intake manifold near the front of the engine. The upper radiator hose connects to the thermostat

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