Automotive AC – Visual Inspection

The visual inspection is a powerful tool to use when trying to spot problems in the AC system. Some of the mechanical items that are easy to inspect include the hoses, belts, fluid levels, caps on service ports, and wet spots on AC components. In addition to checking these items, it is wise to look for problems in the electrical components of the AC system.

Here are some steps to keep in mind when checking the AC electrical items.

Electrical Inspection Items
1. Check to see if the AC compressor is connected properly.
2. Check to see if the AC pressure switches and sensors are connected securely.
3. Check the underhood wiring harnesses to see if there is any sign of
a previous shoddy repair, such as the harnesses not being installed back into the correct clips and brackets.
4. Try lightly wiggling the connectors of the pressure switches and sensors that can be accessed easily.

Poor connections on the AC system components can sometimes be found by gently wiggling the connectors while the system is turned on. If the system cycles on and off when a connector is gently moved, then a bad connection exists at that point and must be repaired by replacing the terminals or the

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