Automotive AC – Methods of Adding Oil

Refrigerant oil can be added to the AC in a number of ways. It is common to add the oil directly to the AC components if the system is open for service. The AC machine has a function to add oil to the system following the vacuum process. This process is handy because the oil is pulled from a clean bottle on the side of the machine using the vacuum from the AC system.

An option to add refrigerant oil during the charging process is to use an oil vessel that connects in series with the low side hose. Up to 2 ounces of oil can be added during the charging process using this

Oil can be added during the charging process by using an inline vessel that connects to the manifold set at the low side port. Up to 2 ounces of oil can be added using this method during the charge process. Refrigerant oil is also available in pressurized small containers that can be added in the same manner as using the small cans to add refrigerant to the AC system.

Refrigerant oil can be directly added to AC system components during the repair process. Caution should be used to keep from adding too much refrigerant oil to an AC system at any time, which could cause reduced performance. A reliable service database should be used to determine how much oil can be added during AC

Refrigerant oil can be added by using products that are available in small pressurized cans. A can tap device or a do-it-yourself charge hose is required to connect these small cans to the AC

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