Thermo King – Seal Point Elimination Procedure

Purpose: To use a process of elimination to identify an internal leak.
1. Eliminate the bypass check valve. Perform a low side pump down with the bypass hand valve front seated.
2. Perform a compressor pump down to check the valve plates and pilot solenoid.

Prepare to remove the compressor or compressor heads.
1. Pump down the low side to a 15 inch vacuum or more.
2. Stop the unit.
3. Immediately front seat the discharge service valve.
4. Balance pressures through the manifold. Add additional pressure from the discharge service valve (DSV) or receiver tank outlet valve (RTOV) if necessary to establish 1 to 2 psig.
5. Front seat the suction service valve.

WARNING: DO NOT start the unit with the discharge service valve front seated.

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