Thermo King – Installing a Gauge Manifold without Low Loss Fittings

Purpose: To properly install gauges without low loss fittings.
1. Remove both the discharge and suction service valve stem caps. Save and re-use the caps and sealing washers or gaskets.
2. Make sure both service valves are back seated.
3. Remove the service port caps for both the suction and discharge service valve. Save and re-use the caps and sealing washers or gaskets.
4. Attach the high pressure line to the discharge service port and secure the line fitting finger tight.
5. Attach the low pressure gauge line to the suction service port. Leave the fitting loose.

6. Turn the discharge service valve stem 1/4 turn (CW) to open the service port.
7. Open both manifold hand valves and purge the gauge manifold toward the suction service valve. Secure the low pressure line to the suction service port finger tight.
8. Purge the center manifold service line, then tighten the line fitting to the manifold hose anchor.
9. Close the manifold hand valves.
10. Mid seat the suction service valve (SSV) stem.

Use the Gauge Manifold to:
a. Verify unit operating condition
b. Test for internal high to low side leaks
c. Service the refrigeration system.

The gauges indicate high and low system pressure.

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