Thermo King – Compressor Pump Down for Service

Pump down the compressor and adjust pressures slightly positive (1 to 2 psig) to perform the following service:
1. Add or remove compressor oil.
2. Repair or replace the throttling valve.
3. Repair or replace the compound gauge or gauge line.
4. Replace the line to the pilot solenoid.
Prepare to remove the compressor or compressor heads.
1. Pump down the compressor to a 15 inch vacuum.
2. Stop the unit.
3. Immediately front seat the discharge service valve.
4. Balance pressures through the gauge manifold to 1or 2 psig.
5. If 1 to 2 psig cannot be established, the refrigerant must be recovered or a low side pump down must be performed.

WARNING: DO NOT start the unit with the discharge service valve front seated.

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