Thermo King – Adding Refrigerant by Weight to an Evacuated, Non-Operating Unit

NOTE: The unit should be kept off when performing these procedures.
1. Install a calibrated gauge manifold.
2. Recover the refrigerant and evacuate the system.
3. Place the refrigerant bottle on a scale and attach the manifold service line.
4. Purge air from the service line from the tank toward manifold. Open the bottle to withdraw liquid.
5. Record total refrigerant and container weight.
6. Check the unit serial plate or unit Maintenance Manual for refrigerant weight required.
7. Mid seat the compressor discharge service valve.
8. Open the discharge hand valve all the way on the gauge manifold and begin charging the unit. Refrigerant flow can be felt as small pulsations on the manifold service line.

9. Watch the scale and close the hand valve at the refrigerant bottle when the correct charge weight has been added.

NOTE: If refrigerant flow stops before charging is complete, refer to “Adding Refrigerant to a Partially Charged, Operating Unit” on page 17.

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