Air-Handling Equipment

Air-handling equipment is available as packaged equipment in many configurations using any desired method of cooling, heating, humidification, filtration, etc. In large systems (over 25 m3/s), airhandling equipment is usually custom-designed and fabricated to suit a particular application. Air handlers may be either centrally located or decentralized.

Central Mechanical Equipment Rooms (MER). Usually the type of facility determines where the air-handling equipment is located. Central fan rooms today are more common in laboratory or industrial facilities, where maintenance is kept isolated from the conditioned space.

Decentralized Mechanical Equipment Rooms. Many office buildings locate air-handling equipment at each floor. This not only saves floor space for equipment but minimizes the space required for distribution ductwork and shafts. The reduced size of equipment as a result of duplicated systems allows the use of less expensive packaged equipment and reduces the need for experienced operating and maintenance personnel.

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