AHU – Outdoor Air Intakes

Resistance through outdoor intakes varies widely, depending on construction. Frequently, architectural considerations dictate the type and style of louver. The designer should ensure that the louvers selected offer minimum pressure loss, preferably not more than 25 Pa. High-efficiency, low-pressure louvers that effectively limit carryover of rain are available. Flashing installed at the outside wall and weep holes or a floor drain will carry away rain and melted snow entering the intake. Cold regions may require a snow baffle to direct fine snow particles to a low-velocity area below the dampers. Outdoor dampers should be low-leakage types with special gasketed edges and special end treatment. Separate damper sections with separate damper operators are strongly recommended for the minimum outdoor air needed for ventilation. The maximum outdoor air needed for economizer cycles is then drawn through the entire outside air damper.

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