Hot Water for Other Purposes

It is possible to use the boiler of a hydronic heating system to supply heat for such purposes as snow melting, a swimming pool, domestic hot water for household use, and other purposes. Separate circuits are created for each of these purposes, which are controlled by their own thermostats.

Each is designed to tap into the main heating circuit from which it receives its supply of hot water. Hot water for household use, for instance, can be obtained by means of a heat exchanger or special coil inserted into the boiler. Note that the supply water does not come in contact with water being heated by the boiler for the baseboard units and other purposes.

One of the disadvantages of the hydronic system is its slow recovery time. If an outside door is opened during cold weather for any period of time, it takes a considerable length of time for the room to once again come up to a comfortable temperature. There is also noise made by the piping
heating up and expanding and popping; it becomes rather annoying at night when you are in a quiet room and not too sleepy.

The main advantage, however, is its economical operation. The type of fuel used determines the expense. The boilers can be electrically heated, heated with natural gas, or heated with oil.

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