Transformers for Low-Voltage Controls

The use of low-voltage control systems is becoming more widespread as the demand for residential air conditioning increases. This necessitates the use of a transformer for voltage reduction, normally to 24 V. The selection of a transformer is not accomplished by merely selecting one that has the proper voltage requirements. The volt-ampere (VA) rating is equally important. To determine the VA requirements for a specific solenoid valve, refer to the manufacturer’s data. Insufficient transformer capacity will result in reduced operating power or a lowering of the maximum operating pressure differential (MOPD) of the valve. MOPD and safe working pressure (SWP) are usually noted on the valve nameplate (see Fig. 6-27).

If more than one solenoid valve and/or other accessories are operated from the same transformer, the transformer VA rating must be determined by adding the individual accessories’ VA requirements.

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