Inductive Loads Troubleshooting

Inductive loads include relay and contactor coils, compressor motors, and fan motors (Figure SP-8-4). They also include control transformers, solenoid valves, and some gas valves. This section covers the methods used to electrically test relay coils, solenoids, gas valves, and transformers. Detailed instructions for testing compressors and other motors are given in Service Procedures SP-9 and SP-10.

Once an inductive load has been identified as the probable cause of an electrical problem by using hopscotch troubleshooting, it should be tested to confirm its electrical condition (good or bad). The recommended way for checking an inductive load is to measure its resistance. Measuring the voltage across an inductive load is not a dependable way to determine the electrical condition of the inductive load. When a voltmeter is placed across a load, it will read the applied voltage regardless o f whether the load is good or bad.

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