Causes of Compressor Failures – Low or No Capacity (Runs But Does Not Pump)

Compressors depend upon their valves and rings to provide a seal between the high-pressure and low-pressure sides of the system and the compressor. If either is damaged, correct operating pressures can never be developed. This condition can be checked using the gauge manifold set. If the system is properly charged, but the suction pressure is excessively high and/or the discharge pressure is excessively low, the compressor most likely has an internal problem that allows pressure to leak between the high and low sides of the system. This means that the compressor should be replaced. An ammeter can also be used to confirm that the compressor has low capacity (Figure SP-9-4). If the running current measured with an ammeter is considerably lower than normal at a loaded condition, and the pressures are abnormal, the compressor needs replacement.

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