Goodman R-22 Air Conditioners SERVICING – CHECKING VOLTAGE

1. Remove outer case, control panel cover, etc., from unit being tested.

With power ON:

2. Using a voltmeter, measure the voltage across terminals L1 and L2 of the contactor for the condensing unit or at the field connections for the air handler or heaters.

3. No reading – indicates open wiring, open fuse(s) no power or etc., from unit to fused disconnect service. Repair as needed.

4. With ample voltage at line voltage connectors, energize the unit.

5. Measure the voltage with the unit starting and operating, and determine the unit Locked Rotor Voltage. NOTE: If checking heaters, be sure all heating elements are energized.

Locked Rotor Voltage is the actual voltage available at the compressor during starting, locked rotor, or a stalled condition. Measured voltage should be above minimum listed in chart below.

To measure Locked Rotor Voltage attach a voltmeter to the run “R” and common “C” terminals of the compressor, or to the T and T terminals of the contactor. Start the unit 1 2and allow the compressor to run for several seconds, then shut down the unit. Immediately attempt to restart the unit while measuring the Locked Rotor Voltage.

6. Lock rotor voltage should read within the voltage tabulation as shown. If the voltage falls below the minimum voltage, check the line wire size. Long runs of undersized wire can cause low voltage. If wire size is adequate, notify the local power company in regard to either low or high voltage.

NOTE: When operating electric heaters on voltages other than 240 volts, refer to the System Operation section on electric heaters to calculate temperature rise and air flow. Low voltage may cause insufficient heating.

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