Goodman R-22 Air Conditioners – COILS AND BLOWER COILS

MBR/MBE blower cabinets are designed to be used as a two-piece blower and coil combination. MBR/MBE blower sections can be attached to cased evaporator coil. This two-piece arrangement allows for a variety of mix-matching possibilities providing greater flexibility. The MBE blower cabinet uses a variable speed motor that maintains a constant airflow with a higher duct static.

It is approved for applications with cooling coils of up to 0.8 inches W.C. external static pressure and includes a feature that allows airflow to be changed by +15%. The MBR blower cabinet uses a PSC motor. It is approved for applications with cooling coils of up to 0.5 inches W.C. external static pressure.

The MBR/MBE blower cabinets with proper coil matches can be positioned for upflow, counterflow, horizontal right or horizontal left operation. All units are constructed with R-4.2 insulation. In areas of extreme humidity (greater than 80% consistently), insulate the exterior of the blower with insulation having a vapor barrier equivalent to ductwork insulation, providing local codes permit.

The CAPX/CHPX coils are equipped with a thermostatic expansion valve that has a built-in internal check valve for refrigerant metering. The CACF/CAPF/CHPF coils are equipped with a fixed restrictor orifice.

The coils are designed for upflow, counterflow or horizontal application, using two-speed direct drive motors on the CACF/CAPF/CHPX models and BPM (Brushless Permanent Magnet) or ECM motors on the MBE models.

The ARUF is a multi-position air handler (upflow/horizontal or downflow) and is equipped with a flowrator for cooling and heat pump applications. Because of its seamless copper tubing and aluminum fins, there are fewer leaks. The steel cabinet of the ARUF is fully insulated and rust resistant. Thermal expansion kits for air conditioning and heat pump applications are available.

ARPF*B 2 to 5 ton air handlers are dedicated for downflow operation and are approved for modular homes. Flowrater. transformer and blower time delay are on all standard ARPF units. Both the ARUF and ARPF have direct-drive multispeed motors.

AEPF is a multi-position, variable-speed air handler and can be used with R-410A or R-22 (models ending in 1/16). The unit’s blower design includes a variable-speed DC motor and is compatible with heat pumps and variable-capacity cooling applications.

ASPF is a multi-position air handler that can be used with R-410A or R-22 and it features a X-13 motor. This motor is a constant torque motor with very low power consumption and it is energized by a 24V signal. The X-13 features an integrated control module and is compatible with heat pumps and cooling applications.

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