A run capacitor is wired across the auxiliary and main windings of a single phase permanent split capacitor motor. The capacitors primary function is to reduce the line current while greatly improving the torque characteristics of a motor. This is accomplished by using the 90┬░ phase relationship between the capacitor current and voltage in conjunction with the motor windings, so that the motor will give two phase operation when connected to a single phase circuit. The capacitor also reduces the line current to the motor by improving the power factor.
The line side of this capacitor is marked with “COM” and is wired to the line side of the circuit.


In most cases hard start components are not required on Scroll compressor equipped units due to a non-replaceable check valve located in the discharge line of the compressor. However, in installations that encounter low lock rotor voltage, a hard start kit can improve starting characteristics and reduce light dimming within the home. Only hard start kits approved by Amana┬« brand or Copeland should be used. “Kick Start” and/or “Super Boost” kits are not approved start assist devices.

The discharge check valve closes off high side pressure to the compressor after shut down allowing equalization through the scroll flanks. Equalization requires only about 1?2 second. To prevent the compressor from short cycling, a Time Delay Relay (Cycle Protector) has been added to the low voltage circuit.


A potential or voltage type relay is used to take the start capacitor out of the circuit once the motor comes up to speed. This type of relay is position sensitive. The normally closed contacts are wired in series with the start capacitor and the relay holding coil is wired parallel with the start winding. As the motor starts and comes up to speed, the increase in voltage across the start winding will energize the start relay holding coil and open the contacts to the start capacitor. Two quick ways to test a capacitor are a resistance and a capacitance check.

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