Hot Air Furnace Thermostat Location

The room thermostat should be located where it will be in the natural circulating path of room air. Avoid locations where the thermostat is exposed to cold-air infiltration, drafts from windows, doors, or other openings leading to the outside, or air currents from warm- or cold-air registers, or to exposure where the natural circulation of the air is cut off, such as behind doors and above or below mantels or shelves. Also keep the thermostat out of direct sunlight.

The thermostat should not be exposed to heat from nearby fireplaces, radios, televisions, lamps, or rays from the sun. Nor should the thermostat be mounted on a wall containing pipes, warm-air ducts, or a flue or vent that could affect its operation and prevent it from properly controlling the room temperature. Any hole in the plaster or panel through which the wires pass from the thermostat should be adequately sealed with suitable material to prevent drafts from affecting the thermostat.

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