High-Efficiency Furnaces Electrical Controls

The furnace is equipped with a standard-type redundant gas valve in series with a gas expansion tank, gas intake flapper valve, and air intake flapper valve. Also factory installed are a purge blower, spark plug igniter and flame sensor with solid-state control circuit board. The standard equipment includes a fan and limit control, a 30-VA transformer, blower cooling relay, flexible gas line connector, and four isolation mounting pads, as well as a base insulation pad, condensate drip leg, and cleanable air filter. Flue vent/air intake line, roof or wall termination installation kits, LPG conversion kits, and thermostat are available as accessories and must be ordered extra, or you can use the existing one when replacing a unit.

The printed circuit board is replaceable as a unit when there is a malfunction of one of the components. It uses a multivibrator transistorized circuit to generate the high voltages needed for the spark plug. The spark plug gets very little use except to start the combustion process. It has a long life expectancy. Spark gap is 0.115 in. and the ground electrode is adjusted to 45° (see Fig. 2-20).

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