HVAC Flooded Liquid Systems

Figure 10-12 shows a flood-gas and liquid leg shutoff (top hot-gas feed) system. Here, the gas-powered valve is used on both ends of the evaporator. It is a gas-powered check valve. At defrost, the normally closed type-A pilot solenoid is energized. Hot-gas pressure closes the gas-powered check valves. Hot gas flows through the solenoid, globe valves, pan coil, and in-line check valve into the top of the evaporator. Here, it purges the evaporator of fluids. The evaporator is discharged at the metered rate through valve B. that has been de-energized and acts as a regulator during defrost.

At the end of the defrost cycle, excess pressure will bleed from the relief line at a safe rate through the energized valve B. The gas-powered valves will not open the evaporator to the surge drum until the gas pressure is nearly down to the system pressure.

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