HVAC Flooded-ceiling evaporator—liquid leg shutoff

Bottom hot-gas feed

Figure 10-14 illustrates a flooded-ceiling evaporator. Upon initiation of the defrost sequence, the hot gas solenoid (Number 1) is opened. Gas flows to gas-powered check valve, isolating the bottom of the surge tank from the evaporator. The hot gas flows through the pan coil and the in-line check valve into the evaporator. Excess gas pressure is dumped into the surge tank. It will bleed through valve A. During defrost, this valve has been de-energized to perform as a relief regulator set at approximately 70 psig.

Top hot-gas feed

Figure 10-15 shows a multiple flooded-evaporator system using input and output headers to connect the various evaporators and the surge drum. Note that, upon defrost, the fluid and condensate, are purged from the evaporator and surge drum into the remote accumulator through the regulator, which is a reseating safety valve. This is usually set at about 70 psig. The accumulator must be sized to accept the refrigerant, plus hot-gas condensate.

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