Motors Uses on HVAC

As previously mentioned, this type of motor is used as a fan motor in refrigerators and freezers and in some types of air-conditioning equipment where the demand is not too great. It can also be used as part of a timing device for defrost timers and other sequenced operations.

The fan and motor assembly are located behind the provisions compartment in the refrigerator, directly above the evaporator in the freezer compartment. The suction-type fan pulls air through the evaporator and blows it through the provisions compartment air dot and freezer compartment fan grille. Figure 7-7 shows a shaded-pole motor with a molded plastic fan blade. For maximum air circulation, the location of the fan on the motor shaft is most important. Mounting the fan blade too far back or too far forward on the motor shaft, in relation to the evaporator cover, will result in improper air circulation. The freezer compartment fan must be positioned with the lead edge of the fan 1/4 in. in front of the evaporator cover. The fan assembly shown in Fig. 7-8 is used on top freezer, no-frost, fiberglass-insulated model refrigerators. The freezer fan and motor assembly is located in the divider partition directly under the freezer air duct.

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