Motor Reversibility

An induction motor will not always reverse while running. It may continue to run in the same direction, but at a reduced efficiency. An inertia-type load is difficult to reverse. Most motors that are classified as reversible while running will reverse with a non-inertialtype load. They may not reverse if they are under no-load conditions or have a light lead or an inertial load.

One problem related to the reversing of a motor while it is still running is the damage done to the transmission system connected to the load. In some cases it is possible to damage a load. One way to avoid this is to make sure the right motor is connected to a load.

Reversing (while standing still) the capacitor-start motor can be done by reversing its start winding connections. This is usually the only time that a field technician will work on a motor. The available replacement motor may not be rotating in the direction desired, so the technician will have to locate the start winding terminals and reverse them in order to have the motor start in the desired direction.

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