Daikin VRV – What is a VRV System?

VRV System

Thirty or more indoor units can be connected to single system.
There are “cooling / heating selection -standard- type” and “individual operating system of cooling and heating” according to type of the system.
One of the biggest characteristics is mounting of expansion valves ? to the indoor unit as well as to the outdoor unit.

SkyAir, Residential Air Conditioner
Pair Type
Single indoor unit is connected to single outdoor unit. (The expansion valve is mounted to the outdoor unit only.)

SKY AIR System for Simultaneous Operation (Twin, Triple, and Double-Twin)
These series are included in SkyAir. These types can be connected to two to four indoor units to single system. However, the individual operation is not available, only the simultaneous operation. (The expansion valve is mounted to the outdoor unit only.)

Multi System for Individual Operation
Each indoor unit can be operated individually.
However, refrigerant piping is connected to each indoor unit using separate connecting piping, not using halfway branch piping.
(The expansion valve is mounted to outdoor unit by each indoor unit.)

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