HVAC Level-Master Control

The level-master control is a positive liquid-level-control device suitable for application to all flooded evaporators (see Fig. 11-45). The level-master control is a standard thermostatic-expansion valve with a level-master element. The combination provides a simple, economical, and highly effective liquid-level control. The bulb of the conventional thermostatic element has been modified to an insert-type bulb that incorporates a low-wattage heater. A 15-W heater is supplied as standard. For applications below ?60°F (?51°C) evaporating temperature, a special 25-W heater is needed.

The insert bulb is installed in the accumulator or surge drum at the point of the desired liquid level. As the level at the insert bulb drops, the electrically added heat increases the pressure within the thermostatic element and opens the valve. As the liquid level at the bulb rises, the electrical input is balanced by the heat transfer from the bulb to the liquid refrigerant. The level-master control either modulates or eventually shuts off. The evaporator pressure and spring assist in providing a positive closure.

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