HVAC Capillary tubing

Small-bore capillary tubing is used as a metering device. It is used on everything from the household refrigerator to the heat pump. Essentially, it is a carefully measured length of very small diameter tubing. It creates a predetermined pressure drop in the system. The capillary has no moving parts.

Because a capillary tube cannot stop the flow of refrigerant when the condensing unit stops, such a refrigeration unit will always equalize high-side and low-side pressures on the off cycle. For this reason, it is important that the refrigerant charge be of such a quantity that it can be held on the low side of the system without damage to the compressor. In a charge of several pounds, this “critical charge” of refrigerant may have to be carefully weighed.

An accumulator, or enlarged chamber, is frequently provided on a capillary tube system to prevent slugs of liquid refrigerant from being carried into the suction line.

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