Head-Pressure Control Valves Operation

The ORI head pressure-control valve is an inlet pressure regulating valve. It responds to changes in condensing pressure only. The valve designation stands for opens on rise of inlet pressure. As shown in Fig. 11-32, the outlet pressure is exerted on the underside of the bellows and on top of the seat disc. Since the effective area of the bellows is equal to the area of the port, the outlet pressure cancels out. The inlet pressure acting on the bottom of the seat disc opposes the adjusting spring force. These two forces are the operating forces of the ORI.

When the outdoor ambient temperature changes. the ORI opens or closes in response to the change in condensing pressure. An increase in inlet pressure above the valve setting tends to open the valve. If the ambient temperature drops, the condenser capacity is increased and the condensing pressure drops off. This causes the ORI to start to close or assume a throttling position.

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