Evaporator Pressure-Regulating Valves

Evaporator pressure-regulating valves offer an efficient means of balancing the system capacity and the load requirements during periods of low loads. They are also able to maintain different evaporator conditions on multi temperature systems. The main function of this valve is to prevent the evaporator pressure from falling below a predetermined value at which the valve has been set.

Control of evaporator pressure by cycling the compressor with a thermostat or some other method is quite adequate on most refrigeration systems. Control of the evaporator pressure also controls the saturation temperature. As the load drops off, the evaporating pressure starts to decrease and the system performance falls off. These valves automatically throttle the vapor flow from the evaporator. This maintains the desired minimum evaporator pressure. As the load increases, the evaporating pressure will increase above the valve setting and the valve will open further.

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