Dehydrator Cycle

The dehydrator removes water and noncondensable gases. It indicates any water leakage into the refrigerant (see No. 6 in Fig. 8-11).

This system includes a refrigerant-condensing coil and chamber, water drain valve, purging valve, pressure gage, refrigerant float valve, and refrigerant piping.

A dehydrator-sampling line continuously picks up refrigerant vapor and contaminants, if any, from the condenser. Vapor is condensed into a liquid by the dehydrator-condensing coil. Water, if present, separates and floats on the refrigerant liquid. The water level can be observed through a sight glass.

Water may be withdrawn manually at the water drain valve. Air. and other noncondensable gases collect in the upper portion of the dehydrator-condensing chamber. The dehydrator gage indicates the presence of air or other gases through a rise in pressure. These gases may be manually vented through the purging valve.

A float valve maintains the refrigerant liquid level and pressure difference necessary for the refrigerant-condensing action. Purified refrigerant is returned to the cooler from the dehydrator float chamber.

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