Crossflow Towers

Crossflow towers, as shown in Fig. 8-24, have a fill configuration through which the air flows horizontally. That means it is across the downward fall of the water. The water being cooled is delivered to hot-water inlet basins. The basins are located above the fill areas. The water is distributed to the fill by gravity through metering orifices in the basins’ floor. This removes the need for a pressure-spray distribution system. And, it places the resultant gravity system in full view for maintenance.

Acooling tower is a specialized heat exchanger (see Fig. 8-25). The two fluids, air and water, are brought into direct contact with each other. This is to affect the transfer of heat. In the spray-filled tower such as Fig. 8-25 this is accomplished by spraying a flowing mass of water into a rain-like pattern. Then an upward-moving mass flow of cool air is induced by the action of the fan.

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