Baxi Kingston 2 Cleaning the Burner and Injectors

1. Undo the screw retaining the spark electrode to the burner tray (Fig. 40).
2. Undo the screw retaining the burner to the burner tray (Fig. 41).
3. Slide the burner to the left to disengage from the injector. Rotate the electrode slightly and lift the burner out of the tray.
4. Using a soft brush remove any dirt from the burner and ensure all ports are free from obstruction.
5. Undo the union nut connecting the gas pipe to the injector (Fig. 40).
6. Undo the injector locknut and remove the injector from the burner tray by disengaging the gas pipe from the injector (Fig. 42).
7. Examine and clean the injector. Do not use any hard tools such as pins or wire. Renew if necessary (Fig. 42).
8. When re-tightening the gas feed pipe nut, hold the injector body with a suitable spanner to prevent misalignment of the injector.
9. Reassemble in reverse order.

Applicable Models:

Baxi Wentworth PCF Classic
Baxi Kingston 2 PCF Classic
Baxi Belmont 2

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