Evacuating the AC System with Robinair AC Machine

1. Connect the blue service hose of the machine to the low side service port and turn the blue knob clockwise to depress the check valve.
2. Connect the red service hose of the machine to the high side service port and turn the red knob clockwise to depress the check valve.
3. Turn the power button on and let the machine warm up.
4. Start the vacuum process by pressing the vacuum button.
5. Program the length of time for the vacuum process to last. The system should be vacuumed for at least 30 minutes to ensure a quality repair.
6. Hit start to allow the machine to begin the process. The low side gauge should immediately start to drop into the vacuum range.

Once the vacuum process begins, the low side gauge is pulled into the vacuum range and the high side gauge is pulled to the lowest setting. The display shows how much time remains in the vacuum

7. The machine will continue pulling a vacuum on the system until the timer stops the process.

The timer on the machine continuously displays the amount of time remaining in the recovery

8. The machine will hold the system in the vacuumed state to test the system for leaks. If the vacuum leaks off during the leak test period, then the display will give a notification that there is a leak. After the leak test has timed out, the system can be recharged with the correct amount of refrigerant.

The AC machine can run a leak test after the vacuum pump shuts off by monitoring the vacuum level for several minutes. If the vacuum drops off, the machine will alert the operator that a system leak is present, which should be located and repaired prior to adding the refrigerant to the

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