Charging the AC System with an Robinair AC Machine

1. See the previous steps on pulling a vacuum with an AC machine. These steps should be followed prior to charging the system with refrigerant.

To begin the charge process on the AC machine, the operator presses the charge button on the panel. The display will show “consult database” on the screen, which can be used if the charge amount is not

2. Press the charge button on the control panel.
3. Press the appropriate buttons to program the correct charge amount into the control panel.
4. Press the start button and the machine will add the correct amount of refrigerant to the vehicle and then show “complete” on the display.

The charge amount is programmed in on the machine using the number keys on the control panel. The AC machine is a very accurate tool that adds the exact amount of refrigerant to the

The start/yes button is pressed to begin the charge process, which adds the exact amount that was programmed into the control

When the correct amount of refrigerant has been added, the display will ask if the hoses need to be equalized. This process should be followed to ensure the most accurate charge process because it removes the small amount of refrigerant from the hoses before disconnecting it from the

5. The machine will display instructions on how to equalize the hoses, which should be followed to get as much of the refrigerant from the hoses and into the vehicle as possible.
6. Remove the hoses from the vehicle and put the caps back on the service ports. The AC system can then be turned on and tested.

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