Automotive Heating – Replacing the Radiator

The radiator is the device that releases the heat from the hot coolant to the surrounding air. The radiator requires replacement when the materials get old and brittle and cause leaks. The radiator can also get stopped up internally, which requires it to be removed for a repair or be replaced. The process for replacing the radiator is listed below.

1. Drain the coolant into a suitable catch pan.
2.Remove the fan shroud and fan assembly to provide the room necessary to remove the radiator.
3. Remove the transmission cooler lines from the radiator tank.
4. Remove the radiator hose clamps and hoses from the unit.
5. Remove the radiator mounting fasteners.
6. Remove the radiator from the front of the vehicle.
7. Install the new radiator into the mounting area and install the fasteners.
8. Install the radiator hoses and clamps.
9. Install the transmission cooler lines into the radiator tank, being careful to perfectly align the threads (this will prevent cross threading the lines).
10. Install the fan and shroud.
11. Refill the cooling system with the correct type and mixture of new coolant.

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