Lennox XC25 – Unit Start-Up

1. Rotate fan to check for binding.

2. Inspect all factory- and field-installed wiring for loose connections.

3. After evacuation is complete, open both the liquid and vapor line service valves to release the refrigerant charge contained in outdoor unit into the system.

4. Replace the stem caps and tighten to the value listed in table 1.

5. Check voltage supply at the disconnect switch. The voltage must be within the range listed on the unit’s nameplate. If not, do not start the equipment until you have consulted with the power company and the voltage condition has been corrected.

6. Set the thermostat for a cooling demand. Turn on power to the indoor unit and close the outdoor unit dis­connect switch to start the unit.

7. Recheck voltage while the unit is running. Power must be within range shown on the nameplate.

8. Check system for sufficient refrigerant by using the procedures listed in the System Refrigerant section on page 74.


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