Lennox XC25 – Load Shedding

Utility Load Shedding Mode ACTIVATED (Utility Cycled Unit OFF) – The normally closed set of contacts in the utility load shedding control receiver OPEN.
This removes 24VAC from the coil of the field-provided re­lay (catalog # 69J79). The relay contacts close (terminal 7 to terminal 2), completing the circuit between terminals R and L on the outdoor control. The 24VAC input to terminal L activates the load shedding mode in the outdoor control, cycling the outdoor unit OFF. The 7-Segment display on the outdoor control displays a load shedding alert code (E600) and an alert appears on the display of the iComfort Wi-Fi® thermostat. The customer receives email notifica­tions when the alert occurs, if the option to receive notifications is selected.

Utility Load Shedding Mode DEACTIVATED (Normal Equipment Operation) – When load shedding is not required, the contacts in the utility load control receiver are closed. This provides 24VAC to the coil of the field provided relay (catalog # 69J79).The relay contacts OPEN (terminal 7 to terminal 2) removing 24VAC from the L ter­minal on the outdoor control. This deactivates the load shedding mode in the outdoor control. The outdoor unit re­turns to normal operation and alert code clears once load shedding mode is deactivated.

For more information, see the Load Shedding Feature Wir­ing Diagram on page 46.


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