Heat-Pump Combinations

There are four ways to describe the heat-pump methods of transporting heat into the house:
1. Air to air: This is the most common method. It is the type of system previously described.
2. Air to water: This type uses two different types of heat exchangers. Warmed refrigerant flows through pipes to a heat exchanger in the boiler. Heated water flows into radiators located within the heated space.
3. Water to water: This type uses two water-to-refrigerant heat exchangers. Heat is taken from the water source (well water, lakes, or the sea) and is passed on by the refrigerant to the water used for heating. The reverse takes place in the cooling system.
4. Water to air: Well water furnishes the heat. This warms the refrigerant in the heat-exchanger coil. The refrigerant, compressed, flows to the top of the unit, where a fan blows air past the heat exchanger.

Each type of heat pump has its advantages and disadvantages. Each needs to be properly controlled. This is where the electrical connections and controls are used to do the job properly. Before attempting to work on this type of equipment, make sure you have a complete schematic of the electrical wiring and know all the component parts of the system.

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