Daikin VRV – Heater Control

Optional heater (wiring modification adapter is required) is made on/off under the conditions below.

On Condition (All Conditions should be Satisfied)

Heating mode & thermostat-on
Not under hot-starting
Not under preparation of oil-return or defrosting
Not under pressure equalizing
Tc (High pressure equivalent saturation temperature transmitted from outdoor) < 50°C Th2 (Indoor liquid pipe thermistor) < 43°C Off Condition (Any One of the Conditions below should be Satisfied.) Becomes any mode except heating Thermostat-off Under hot-starting Under preparation of oil-return or defrosting Under pressure equalizing Tc > 60°C
Th2 > 47°C

Fan Residual Operation
In order to prevent the thermal protector from actuation during heater is off, the fan will be operated with residual operation for the certain period of time after heater is off. (This operation shall be carried out regardless of heater)
Residual operation time = Ceiling suspended type: 100 seconds, others: 60 seconds

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