Fluid Cooler Operation

The fluid cooler uses a mechanically induced draft, crossflow technology. And, the fill media is located above the coil. The process fluid is pumped internally through the coil. Recirculating water is cooled as it passes over the fill media, as shown in Fig. 8-28. The process fluid is thermally equalized and redistributed over the outside of the coil. A small portion of recirculating water is evaporatd by the air drawn that is passing through the coil and fill media. This cools the process fluid. The coil section rejects heat through evaporative cooling. This process uses the fresh air stream and precooled recirculating spray water. Recirculated water falls from the coil into a collection basin. From the base it is then pumped back up to be distributed over the fill media.

For industrial and HVAC applications this is an ideal type of system. The process fluid is kept in a clean, closed loop. It combines the function of a cooling tower and heat exchanger into one system. This improves efficiency and has many maintenance benefits. The unit shown here has a capacity ranging from 100 to 650 ton in a compact enclosure. It is suitable for cooling a wide range of fluids from water and glycols, to quench oils and plating solutions.

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