Horizontal Return Tubular Boiler

A STATIONARY BOILER can be defined as one having a permanent foundation and not easily moved or relocated. A popular type of stationary fire-tube boiler is the HORIZONTAL RETURN TUBULAR (HRT) boiler shown in figure 1-4.

The initial cost of the HRT boiler is relatively low and installing it is not too difficult. The boiler setting can be readily changed to meet different fuel requirements—coal, oil, wood, or gas. Tube replacement is also a comparatively easy task since all tubes in the HRT boiler are the same in size, length, and diameter.

The gas flows in the HRT boiler from the firebox to the rear of the boiler. It then returns through the tubes to the front where it is discharged to the breaching and out the stack.

The HRT boiler has a pitch of 1 to 2 inches to the rear to allow sediment to settle toward the rear near the bottom blowdown connection. The fusible plug is located 2 inches above the top row of tubes. Boilers over 40 inches in diameter require a manhole in the upperpart of the shell. Those over 48 inches in diameter must have a manhole in the lower, as well as in the upper, part of the shell. Do not fail to familiarize yourself with the location of these and other essential parts of the HRT boiler. The knowledge you acquire will definitely help in the performance of your duties with boilers.

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