Other System Problems that can Result in Compressor Failures

In addition to the failure modes previously described, there are several other system-related problems that, if not corrected, can result in the mechanical failure of a compressor. The major ones are listed here for consideration when troubleshooting compressors. Detailed coverage about the cause and effect of each of these system problems is beyond the scope of this manual. Detailed information related to these problems can be found in other Carrier Corporation compressor-related documents available through the catalog referenced at the front of this manual.
• Slugging of liquid refrigerant and/or oil in the compressor.
• Flooding of liquid refrigerant into the compressor crankcase.
• Flooded starts where the oil in the crankcase is diluted with liquid refrigerant when it migrates back to the compressor during shutdown.
• Loss of lubrication caused by loss of oil or by refrigerant diluting the oil.
• Contamination of the refrigeration system with air, moisture, and dirt.
• Overheating of the compressor or the motor windings.
• Incorrect installation of any system component, piping, or accessories.
• Electrical problems often caused by mechanical problems.

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