CL compressors

The CL compressor series is designed for residential and commercial air-conditioning and heat pumps. These compressors are made in 2-1/2, 3, 3-1/2, 4, and 5 hp sizes. They can be operated on three-phase or singlephase power (see Fig. 9-31). Since this is one of the larger compressors, it has two cylinders and pistons. It needs a good protection system for the motor. This one has an internal thermostat to interrupt the control circuit to the motor contactor. The contactor then disconnects the compressor from the power source. Figure 9-32 shows the location of the internal thermostat.

CL hook up CL compressors

CL three phase hook up CL compressors

AG compressors CL compressors

There is a supplementary overload in the compressor terminal box so it can be reached for service (see Fig. 9-33). Alocked rotor or another condition producing excessive current draw causes the bimetal disk to flex upward. This opens the pilot circuit to the motor contactor.

CL compressors CL compressors

The contactor then disconnects the compressor from the power source. Single-phase power requires one supplementary overload (see Fig. 9-34). Three-phase power requires two supplementary overloads (see Fig. 9-35). This CL line of compressors uses R-22 and R-12 (R-134a) or its suitable substitute refrigerants. They also use an oil charge of either 45 or 55 oz. In some cases, when the units are interconnected, they use 65 oz.

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